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Born 1955 in Hollywood, California, Andy Pape moved to Denmark in 1971.

He studied at the Institute of Musicology, Copenhagen  1975-77. He then went on to study composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen under prof. Ib Nørholm, and received his diploma in 1985.

Andy Pape was chairman of the Dept. of Music at the Kunsthøjskole in Holbæk, Denmark 1987 – 1993. At present Pape devotes all of his time to composition.

Pape’s music is inspired by many different musical sources such as Avante Garde, performance theater, jazz, and even rock music.

Pape has received the Danish Arts Council’s 3 year work grant in 1987 as well as 1993.

He received Edition Wilhelm Hansen’s composer prize in 1994. Pape was the resident composer for the Randers Chamber Ensemble in 2003-2004

Pape was Resident Composer at the Funen Opera 2011-2014. This appointment culminated the two act opera “Other Buildings”, which won the prestigious “Reumert” award for best opera, 2015.

Pape is composer in residence at The Odense Symphony Orchestra from Sept. 2016 to Dec. 2018, during which time the project “Musical Journeys” will be developed and executed, ending in a  symphonic piece by Pape based on gathered migration-narratives of the inhabitants of Funen.

Andy Pape is published by:

Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Bornholmsgade 1, DK-1250 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Edition Samfundet, Gråbrødrestræde, DK-1156 Copenhagen K, Denmark,

Edition Svitzer, Refshalevej 110, 208, DK-1432 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Edition PaperMusic, Peder Billesvej, 94, DK-4300 Holbæk, Denmark.