Sinfonia Fionia (2015) –  i four movements for symphony orchestra,
3(pic), 3(ca), 3(bcl), 3(cbn) / / 14,12,10,8,4
Written in connection with the project “The Sound of Funen (Lyden af Fyn)” and Carl Nielsen’s 150-year anniversary
Duration 40 min. Publisher: Edition PaperMusic

Trash Recycled (2013) – for 3 dramatic percussionists and symphony orchestra,
3(pic), 3(ca), 3(bcl), 3(cbn) / / 14,12,10,8,4.
Duration 10 min. Publisher: Edition PaperMusic

Sejle Op Ad Aaen (2013) – Arrangement of Emilius Wilhemi og Lauritz Stephan’s famous song.
2(pic).2(ca).2.2/ a due), drum set, Acc. guitar, Bass guit, keyboard(pno, hrp), voc. / 14,12,10,8,4
Varighed ca. 7 minutter Udgivet af Edition PaperMusic

Shir ha-Shirim (2010-2011) – based on The Song of Songs for Soprano and Baritone soloists, SSAA female choir, 2,2,2,2 / 2,2,0,0 / perc / 12,10,8,6,4
Duration 40 minutes. published by Edition PaperMusic